Let us celebrate together!

Are you searching for an intimate place to land over with your bird flock? Search no more. We will take you under our wings! Either for the relaxed night, celebration, or a funky party we are here for you to make your night great! Write a line to our Booking Bird and let's make some good memories!    

Gin Tasting Experience

Are you a big gin lover curious about new flavours or perhaps a newbie ready to explore an exciting world of this distilled spirit? You are in good hands then! Our knowledgable bartenders will take you on a journey across different brands, those classic and niche ones. Contact out Booking Bird to secure your Gin Tasting Experience.

Groups and Offer

  If you are less than 20 people and just want to grab a refreshing nectar, you can go ahead and use our booking system. Just click Book Table in the right top corner of the front page. You can also check out our table packages just to make sure that all of your fellow birds won't get thirsty.